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  • fig4 12″ x 50′ Fish Paper Roll

    $ 92.40 $ 89.00

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  • CG253020FT 30″ x 20′ x 0.025″ Generator Fish Paper

    $ 325 $ 175

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  • fig3 5″ x 50′ Fish Paper Roll (1 roll)

    $ 38.50

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  • Castech 200plus 100_99_00 Sampler PROMO:2 bags (200) 145P Tags & 1 Bag(100) w/waxed Cord Attached

    $ 199.00 $ 99.00

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  • 145P Castech bag 145P Tags (bag of 100)

    $ 65.00 $ 32.50

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  • cg100350ft-pic 3″ x 50′ Fish Paper Roll (1 roll)

    $ 24.99

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  • FREE Test run Sampler PROMO:2 bags (200) 145P Tags & 1 Bag(25) w/waxed Cord Attached

    $ 140.00 $ 69.00

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  • grey-25-horiz-x2 145P Grey FiberTags (bag of 25) with 11″ waxed lacing cord pigtail attached.

    $ 23.75 $ 15.00

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  • fig5 Lacing Cord (Waxed)

    $ 9.95

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  • Burndy 94VO 100 Burndy 145PTAG 94VO Flame Retardant Nylon Tags

    $ 160.00 $ 69.00

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Castech guarantees stock of 145P and 145C tags and on selected sizes of Fish Paper rolls and I have never been disappointed when ordering. I consistently return to Castech for my tags and accessories for my installs as they ship to multiple locations when I need.

Castech obviously takes great care in the the delivery and presentation of their product.Their fish paper rolls are always tightly rolled and ready for application right out of the box. Their 145P tags are consistently of great quality. I am a satisfied customer.

Castech’s products are always of excellent quality, packaged well and delivered on time. I can always depend on consistent service from Castech Corporation.

I have been a Castech Customer for many years and have always received prompt and courteous service. My orders were always 100% correct and delivered on time as promised. I would recommend them to anyone.

Marsha has always been willing to go the extra mile to make sure our order gets there in time. She also let’s us know when we can save money on freight by double checking with the carriers on delivery times for our time zone. Thanks Marsha

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